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Kartki pocztowe


Each book is a personalized DIARY.

You may add Your own photo-adventure.


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Falista 172. 94-115
Łódź, Polska

When do We start?

Whenever You are ready.


Each book is a personalized journal that might be used during your own trip to your chosen place. You can easily add your own photos, and extra pages and just fill them with your own experience.
Diaries show a place, a history. They tell about geography and fauna or flora in a given area.
The rest is your adventure.

Over time, our book will expand with new pages. If you buy the old version and you miss the news, write to us. We will send you the missing pages for free. Our goal is to promote learning through travel and encourage you to visit us wherever we are in the world. It's worth getting to know our planet. You can trust us since we have almost 20 years of experience in the things we do.

All profits from sales are intended for the implementation of the foundation's projects.

The purchase of all materials is for individual needs only. Publishing and selling without our consent is a violation of our copyright.

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