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Łódź, Polska

When do We start?

Whenever You are ready


Art has always been a universal language. People of different generations, nations, or cultures were able to communicate with each other through the expression of their emotions, desires, and perceptions. Art Therapy is a hybrid field, strongly influenced by such disciplines as art and psychology.

Anxiety, Depression, Substance dependency, Stress, Attention deficit hyperactivity are just some of the issues where the positive effects of art therapy have been shown. Art therapy can help You express those thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to talk about.

Try on Your Own! Join Us in Devana Founadtion!

Zadzwoń: +48 609 68 24 76

Terapia sztuką - Bawmy się sztuką i symboliką. Twórzmy nowe i oceniajmy stare.

Odkrywaj z nami tajniki ikonografii starożytnych i współczesnych kultur lub stwórz samodzielnie zupełnie nowe dzieło. Wyraź siebie.

We always work with local people which gives You a chance to meet new culture and notice different ways for life.

Travel with Us to Mexico!

Tomb of Ramose

ArtTherapy in Egypt

Are you overwhelmed by everyday life? Don't you have a reason to get up in the morning? Change it.
Take a trip to Egypt with us.

Everyone has talent.

Join us on Sunday 11.00. It's free.
Bring your staff and let's do someting together.
Contact me:

What can we do?

Myths and other legends

We analyze how an image of certain deity from chosen religion was changing in time and what does it say about societies.

"My Secret Box"

We build and decorate our personal secret boxes where we can keep our memories locked from the eyes of strangers.

"Comic Story"

Sometimes we do not have an opportunity to shout or even to say out loud what is inside us. Drawing a story about it often helps a lot.

"Photo reportage"

Sometimes one photo can say more than thousands of words.

Come and express yourself through art. You do not need to be a specialist, art is for everyone.

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