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Rescue Pack

We will deliver your parcel within maximum 5 hours. We operate mainly in the Łódź Voivodeship.

Need to send something quickly? The courier let you down?


Call: +48 609133606 (Mobile/WhatsApp)

We will save your parcel.

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Quick order

Have a problem with shipping?

Contact us: +48609133606
We arrive, sign the documents, and leave with your parcel.

Łódź and surroundings


The maximum size of parcels cannot exceed: 120cm x 140cm x 90cm


150 zł - up to 50 km

250 zł - up to 100 km

375 zł - up to 150 km

500 zł - up to 200 km

Up to 5h later

The recipient collects the parcel.

The situation was saved.

Quickly, effectively, without unnecessary intermediaries.

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