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Sobótka - Górka
Dungeon diving

Sobótka-Górka is a town located west of the center of Sobótka. Mount Ślęża rises on its northern side.

The entire brewery complex is quite large. The main building in the middle of the square has an entrance to the underground where diving takes place. In fact, we are immersed in the medieval corridors leading to the nearby castle.

The History of the Górecki Brewery
“At the foot of Ślęża, surrounded by mighty oak and spruce forests, there are views
of a large pond lying in the park, and there is a huge and lofty massif of the brewery
in Górka. A slightly higher castle with a church, rising on top
Ślęża chapel, and on the lower mountain, the monument to Bismarck erected by the students' association from Wrocław, create an environment whose beauty and magnificence cannot be found anywhere else” - An anonymous chronicler of the Brewery

An interesting article about the history of this place can be found here:

Historia browaru w Sobótce-Górce

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